• Evolve of die. Some advice from the Red Queen

    Evolve of die. Some advice from the Red Queen

    “Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place.”  So said the Red Queen to Alice when describing the nature of Looking Glass Land and it should be heeded by us, here, in Glass Tower Land. The “Red Queen Hypothesis”, coined by an evolutionary scientist, describes the phenomenon “that organisms must constantly adapt...

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    ClickBait; CrackBerry; HighPhone: Don’t forget to feed the beast.

    In an interview on, the behavioural economist Rory Sutherland tells an anecdote that touches at the very heart of why we think people are looking for products like ZenExchange. In all the years London Underground has been running, the “single best investment they did in terms of improving customer satisfaction per pound spent wasn’t faster, mo...

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    Advertising about innovation can kill

    It’s hard to find a large company today that doesn’t see innovation as a screaming priority. However, as has become apparent to many impatient company boards: it’s just not that easy.  Innovation requires a lot of time, a lot of failure and even when it succeeds it’ll still take a lot more time and effort to build it up into a something that will all...

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    Introducing Cohort C

    By Ross Ashcroft When you were born is irrelevant – how a mixed cohort now thinks — is about to change everything.  When making the film Four Horsemen we regularly heard a glib reservation about our efforts: “you will never get young people interested in business and economics”. We ignored this. How do you define ‘young people?’ Why are we jus...

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    The garden shed

    By Will Kemble-Clarkson Yesterday was the RSA’s FutureMaker Day: A gathering of organisations and individuals dedicated to getting the world making stuff again. Whether that’s fixing, adapting or making anew – it’s a celebration of jumping in and having a go. The trestle tables, chaos and noise reminded me of youthful days spent mucking about in the ol...

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