Dung beetles and brand stories

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Dung beetles and brand stories

Dung beetles – a surprising brand revelation.

When asked to think of a dung beetle a few things may spring to mind: dung balls (obviously), sand-based endeavours and, if you grew up with the BBC, David Attenborough’s voice.

This could now change as it has been proven that dung beetles have something very remarkable about them – they navigate using the stars. Specifically, they navigate using the Milky Way.

So now the dung beetle has risen to a trivia-ranking equal to the ant’s strength or the female arachnid’s post-coital eating habits – with a bit of romantic, Magellan flair to boot.

It’s a nice reminder of how dramatic the impact of a good story can be on fame, and how the roots of these stories often lie hidden for years.

There are few that would dispute the power of story telling.  So it’s seems odd that so many brands do so little to craft a story around their business.  Not a clever strap line or ad campaign. We’re talking about stories that exemplify the business’ purpose – why it does what it does better than anyone else (as judged by people who share their values).

The beetle scientists weren’t looking for astronomer beetles. They wanted to know how these beetles were able to push dung balls in a straight line over sand dunes, in the middle of the night.

When was the last time you scrutinised your brand’s business through the eyes of a scientist – or anyone who doesn’t come from your world?  When you do, you might just find something as fame-inducing as star gazing beetles.

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