A collective of like-minded, independent folks.
A collective of like-minded, independent folks.

Who we are

What’s Perlin?

Perlin is a consultancy that’s run by Will and Perry. It’s a collective of like-minded independent folk from the worlds of brand strategy, research, web-design, content development, innovation, PR, user experience, programming, advertising and film production.

What’s a collective?

It’s a different kind of consultancy that uses a flat hierarchy and a network of specialists that know and trust each other. As a collective, it also means that people are free to pursue other things, knowing they can call upon each other when a new opportunity arises.

Who’s Will?

He’s the one who’ll come and have the first chat with you over a cup of tea.

Will started out in advertising before joining HSBC as the Marketing Director for Central and Eastern Europe and Russia when he was just 29. After a couple of years of red meat and borsht he returned to the UK to do brand strategy and new business development for O2. He set up Perlin in October 2012.

What is a Perlin*? (*Apocryphal, as told to a wide-eyed Will, aged 7.)

Are you sitting comfortably?

In the Middle Ages. depending on where you sat in the feudal chain, you got to hunt with a certain kind of bird. So an emperor got a vulture, a prince an eagle and so on and so on. Right at the bottom of the chain were knaves, who were only allowed to hunt with a tiny hawk called a Merlin.

The trouble with a Merlin is that it’s so small it can’t catch enough to feed a hovel of hungry mouths. However, if a knave got caught using anything else, it was off to the dungeons. To solve the problem some cunning fellows arranged for a Merlin and a Peregrine (a much bigger hawk) to get together and make sweet love. After some false starts (the females are bigger than the males) they eventually produced a brand new bird – a Perlin. It was just the right balance of size and agility for catching pigeon – the preferred dish of the day and wouldn’t land anyone in the stocks.

Agile, different, useful – just like us.